[57north-discuss] [REMOTE] Tuesday mumblin'

Tom Jones tj at enoti.me
Tue Aug 4 09:58:16 BST 2020

Hello Hackers,

Again, I find it to be Tuesday and while in the days of yore that would
mean an open night in these times it means we jump into mumble and chat
shit without any of that awkward eye contract we used to have to make. 

You can dial (well only if you have a dial connected to your computer
that opens a mumble client) into the mumble by pointing your client at
mumble.milliways.info. If that proves to be hard (and it frequently is)
jump into irc so we will have an extra channel to help you debug.

Tonight I thought it might be nice to talk about projects we have been
working on or have thought of while enjoying the summer. If you have
been up to something or want to try out an idea speak up and we will
offer 'help'.

- Tom

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