[57north-discuss] [REMOTE] Friday night mumble

Tom Jones tj at enoti.me
Fri Aug 14 09:11:37 BST 2020

Hello Hackers,

I hope you survived that storm, if you slept through the rain you missed
out on a really impressive amount of wind and rain. Thankfully
inspections do not show any additional flooding in the hackerspace and
it is still the empty void we all hold close to our hearts.

As it is Friday (how did that happen) we will be having a mumble call.
The mumble calls are a voice chat using a piece of software called
mumble. You can connect by configuring your mumble client to connect to

If you have trouble connecting or more likely getting your audio to not
be awful it is best to also be in irc so we have a second channel for

I look forward to speaking to you strange nerds tonight, whether you are
on the call every week or if you have finally summoned the courage to do
voice comms.

- Tom

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