[57north-discuss] [REMOTE] Friday Mumblin

Wouter Piessens wouter.piessens at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 14:50:58 BST 2020

Hey all,

I might call in this evening, maybe only after 9 or so if I can convince 
myself in cycling in this is gale... Either way, something else:  Has 
anyone perhaps a Torx T50 and T55 bit I could borrow, for unscrewing 4 
screws from a washing machine drum and convert it into a firepit. I 
could only find a T40 bit in the space, unfortunately.



On 21/08/2020 09:56, Tom Jones wrote:
> Hello Hackers,
> Have you got that Friday feeling? I don't, just a warmth in the back of
> my left hand that I think might be the first rsi tingles. Nevertheless,
> feelings or no, it being Friday means we MUST have our regular Friday
> night mumble.
> You can dial in by pointing your mumble client at mumble.milliways.info
> Come by and chat the best shit you have.
> If you've got a hardware or hacking or hardware hacking project you have
> been working on we would love to hear about it. Ideas and dreams are
> cool too, but solid work always wins out.
> Are you gonna join us?
> - Tom
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