[57north-discuss] Meeting up alfresco, down at the beach, 7:30pm this evening

Andy Gaskell ag at ssofb.co.uk
Wed Aug 26 14:01:49 BST 2020


Since it's nearly the end of August, and today doesn't seem to be on first
name terms with a storm, it seemed it might be nice to have a random ad-hoc
alfresco catchup down at the beach.

There was some chat on IRC, seems like it's not a totally bonkers idea :)

So, if you fancy, come and meet-up for a beer, coffee, club mate, can of
ginger or whatever.

Around 7:30pm this evening (Weds 26th), by the Aberdeen Surf Life Saving
club, which is just by the beach, on the lower level, by the end of beach
boulevard. See https://goo.gl/maps/odQdfrWpZV3eMkHx8

Any Qs, ask on IRC or email.  Let us know if you're gonna be along a bit
later, in case we're off on a collective wander.

See you there for a bev and a fleeting dose of vitamin D.

Andy :)
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