[57north-discuss] 57n.org pleroma going away

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Sat Aug 29 16:35:42 BST 2020

Hi All,

There have not been public posts on the 57n.org Pleroma for over 2
months, and the effort to maintain it has been slowly increasing as
activity grows in the Fediverse.

Given this cost to benefit ratio, I've taken the decision to shut down
the Pleroma instance soon. Unfortunately, it's not possible to migrate
from Pleroma instances to another instance and take your followers with
you, but it is possible to export your follows as a CSV so you can at
least follow those accounts again from another instance.

If you would like to move instance, I can offer invites (subject to it
being a sensible instance for you, and you agreeing to abide by their
terms of service) for:


If you'd like an invite for any of those instances, please send me an
e-mail. You can also find other instances at https://joinmastodon.org/
or you could take a go at running your own.


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