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Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Wed Dec 23 15:11:31 GMT 2020

As per below garioch needs to be moved to another host and will be down for a bit while that is done. 

I'm of the opinion that we don't care when it is done, whenever suits Andy is fine. Does anyone think otherwise?

We don't currently have suspend/restore enabled so it woudl be a reboot for the move. Or could enable that, it it works there would be less downtime, if it doesn't work there would be extra downtime from trying to restore, noticing it hasn't worked, and then rebooting.

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Dear customer,

TL;DR: We need to move your VPS to different hardware so that we can
carry out a rolling operating system upgrade. Please reply with when
we can do it and it will get done. Opt in to suspend and restore to
hopefully not even experience a reboot! If we don't hear from you
within two weeks then we'll do the work at a time of our choosing.

The full story:

We need to performn rolling operating system upgrades across our fleet
of servers. Rather than shut your service down while we do it which
may involve an outage of an hour or so, we'd like to move your service
to different hardware.

So, when's a good time for us to do this?

Moving your VPS will involve a clean shut down, transfer of your data
and then a boot again. You can expect the down time to be only a few
seconds, though that does not include the time it takes your VM to
shut down and boot up. You will *not* need to change your IP
address(es) or anything else about your service.

It will not require you to take any action, but you should ensure that
your VPS boots correctly in an unattended fashion including starting
all services that you expect to have running. It would also help if
you could ensure that you have allowed ICMP ping from our monitoring


If you have opted in to suspend and restore then we will use this and
if all goes well you may not even notice that your VM has been moved
between hardware, as it will just appear to be a pause in execution
for a minute or so. Learn more about opting in to suspend and restore


If you don't care when the work is done and don't need more than 5
minutes of notice by email, then great! Please just say so and we'll
get on with it.

    If we don't hear back from you within two weeks then we'll assume
    this is the case: that we're okay to do the work at any time, with
    5 minutes of notice.

If on the other hand you:

- do need more than 5 minutes of notice;

- would need the work to take place only within a certain time window
  during the day, or;

- need to schedule a window on an exact date/time for the work to be

then please let us know what you need with as much detail as you care
to mention about when the work can be done and how much notice you
need, and we will work something out.

Andy Smith
BitFolk Ltd.

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