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K Mulhern kmulhern at boukom.com
Wed Jul 29 09:44:09 BST 2020

Hello Everyone,

 I ahve been putting on events with work and have a two coming up this
week if you or anyone else is interested, The Quiz is this afternoon 

The Non-Trivial Quiz - A quiz without the trivia!
Date: Wednesday 29th  July 2020 - Time: 1630-1715 BST 

Do you have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering... and would
like to test and expand your knowledge. The Eagle Lab Engineers team has
put together a quiz and removed the trivia, all the questions are based
on real science and you can pick up points for giving full and
comprehensive explanations. Otherwise you come and learn about aspects
of science that you did not know about. 

The Questions are graded form easy to difficult, so even if you have a
passing knowledge of the topic, points are available, although
irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. 


Workshop - Working as a Group - A workshop exploring group-work
considering behavioural psychology and organisational culture. 

Date: Friday 31st July 2020 - Time: 1400-1500 BST 

Collaborative working is a process which involves not just the problem
we are trying to solve but the relationships with people we work with. 

In this workshop we will explore how we work together and how to get the
most out of group work. we will explore our shared biases and approaches
to effective group work by thinking about past experience and our


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