[57north-discuss] Sunsetting pad.57north.org.uk

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Sat Mar 21 20:58:41 GMT 2020

Hi All,

tl;dr pad.57north.org.uk will be turned off April 15th.

I am in the process of decommissioning a dedicated server that is
showing age. Two hackerspace services remain on this server: the wiki
and pad.

While I'm not sure how much use it's getting, I know the pad is not
being maintained because no one has logged into the host since 2018.

I could attempt to extract data for you if you think that you need it,
but I have no idea how much effort that would be. If you have pads you'd
like to save it might be best to just copy and paste or export them


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