[57north-discuss] Fediverse! Like Twitter but actually enjoyable

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Sun Mar 22 13:56:54 GMT 2020

Hi All,

You may be finding yourself at your computer more than normal. Maybe
you're working from home or in self-isolation. You might want to reach
for social media in order to maintain some connection to the outside world.

Facebook is full of fake news and alternative facts, and Twitter is just
toxic, but fear not because hackers have been building an alternative
decentralized and federated social network and you can be a part of it.

The Fediverse (a portmanteau of "federation" and "universe") is the
ensemble of federated (i.e. interconnected) servers that are used for
web publishing (i.e. social networking, microblogging, blogging, or
websites) and file hosting, but which, while independently hosted, can
intercommunicate with each other. On different servers (instances),
users can create so-called identities. These identities are able to
communicate over the boundaries of the instances because the software
running on the servers supports one or more communication protocols
which follow an open standard.

I run an instance for members of the hackerspace and anyone who in some
way is related to the hackerspace and/or is friends of a member. If
you're on this list then you certainly qualify.

If you'd like to give the Fediverse a go, ask me for an invite code in
IRC or send me an email.

If you're already on the Fediverse, and you'd like to hang out with
other hackerspace members, you can find a list of them here (and you
should add yourself too!):



P.S. The instance has just been moved to a new server so things are
still settling there, but it's mostly operational again. There may still
be some short (1-2 minute) outages as I reload the configuration

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