[57north-discuss] Microsoldering - any one want a small job.

Lawrence 57north.org.uk at lklyne.co.uk
Fri Mar 27 04:57:51 GMT 2020

(My apologies if this comes as a duplicate still working out the mailing 

I am poking my head up as I work for a company called canary care, we 
make systems for monitoring the elderly.

I am looking for someone locally (preferably bridge of Don as I stay 
persley way) who does microsoldering. (Microscope work)

I have 4 prototype PCBs that need a few (4) component changes, my eyes 
and my soldering iron is not up to 0402 sized components (1.0mm*0.5mm) . 
Payment in money or booze which ever is preferred.

Normally they would go back to the CEM (Contract Electronics 
Manufacturer) but they are struggling in current climate to stay on top 
of things.

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