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Andy Gaskell ag at ssofb.co.uk
Sat Mar 28 09:55:56 GMT 2020


Yesterday I set up a video chat server that anyone can use if they like. It
runs on jitsi, which is an open source voice / video chat system that uses
WebRTC. WebRTC is an IETF & W3 standard for p2p communication.

The server is online at https://rave.consulate.scot/

Things you do with it...
- have a group video call with family
- have a virtual party
- do show and tell sessions
- hangout
- voice and video chat with groups of people
- create chat groups each with a unique url
- create password protected chats
- use it in any modern browser
- install a mobile app, if you find it slow in the browser

Why it's better than zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger...
- there is no creepy corporate stuff
- it's open source, so peer reviewed for security
- its p2p, so doesn't go via somewhere else, or someone else's computer

Why it's worse...
- it's just running on a small vm
- it's less familiar to use (though easy really)

More info...
- https://jitsi.org/
- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebRTC

This seemed like a useful thing to do. I'll see what demand is like, but I
plan to run it for a month or two at least.

Any thoughts or questions, let me know.


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