[57north-discuss] BBQ & Radio on Saturday 5th

Dave Hibberd d at vehibberd.com
Wed Sep 2 11:55:46 BST 2020

Hey all,

We're thinking about going to the fields behind the hacklab (https://osm.org/go/e6k7rkgSl--?m= or https://osm.org/go/e6k7rGGRw--?m=) on Saturday afternoon, playing with radios on the HF bands and maybe having a socially distanced BBQ and a few beers.

We'll need to take some bricks/wood to keep the BBQs off the grass (unless anyone is going to volunteer a coal fired / off ground model). I also recommend bringing a camping chair as sitting on Grass isn't so much fun. 

Weather looks good, currently, so it should be a fun afternoon of talking to strangers around the country and talking to friends in a field. 

If you want to come along, give a shout here or in IRC so I've got a vague handle on numbers. 


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