[57north-discuss] [REMOTE] Friday night mumblin'

Tom Jones tj at enoti.me
Fri Sep 4 08:52:48 BST 2020

Hello Hackers,

Once again it is Friday and so it is time for our weekly Friday day
mumble call. If you wish to join us you will need to acquire a mumble
client and point it at mumble.milliways.info

If you need any help (and most of us do on our first time joining) jump
into irc so we have a second channel to use to walk you through what to

This weekend some of the radio weirdos are going to be in a field, you
should join if you have any interest in radio or at a minimum ask them
about it tonight on the mumble.

I probably won't be around tonight and if I am it will be after 11.

Will you be on?

- Tom

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