[57north-discuss] Homebrew Website Club

Iain R. Learmonth iain at learmonth.me
Tue May 25 08:43:06 BST 2021


On 24/05/2021 12:25, Alfie Pates wrote:
> I'd be down. Start once a month and ramp up? Experiencing Calendular Burnout rn, cannot commit to things that are too frequent. 

Sure can start off once a month. It's probably going to be 6pm to 8pm
and on a Wednesday. We can pick which Wednesday though.

Other things I'm thinking of could include:

* helping people to get set up on GitHub pages with a blog
* running a small tilde server with hugo installed for members' blogs

I do believe that we should have a remote membership option, so access
to that tilde server (examples: [1][2]) could be a benefit of that


[1]: http://tilde.club/
[2]: http://tilde.town/

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