[57north-discuss] IRC Channel

Iain R. Learmonth iain at learmonth.me
Tue May 25 12:34:08 BST 2021

Dear members of the 57North Hacklab community,

For the reason that the Freenode IRC network has changed management, and that the actions of the new management do not, in the opinion of the 57North Hacklab board, align with the values of our community, we are undertaking to move the #57n IRC channel to a new network.

As with many other projects that previously called Freenode their home, we are joining them on libera.chat. This includes Edinburgh Hacklab and many open source projects (e.g. CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo). While libera.chat is technically a new network it has the support of the ex-Freenode staff and enough high-profile projects that we are confident that this will be a place we are happy to call home.

If you require assistance with configuring your IRC client to connect to the new network, you can consult https://libera.chat/guides/connect. There will also be someone around in the workadventure this evening to assist you if you need more (the documentation can sometimes assume knowledge that isn't actually obvious).

You are also welcome to email me directly for help, although I can't promise the fastest response time.

Thanks, and on behalf of the 57North Hacklab board,

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