[57north-music] Post Rock Music Monday!

Jo Walsh metazool at fastmail.net
Tue Feb 10 03:38:54 UTC 2015

I lurk on this list as I'm quite musically illiterate / tasteless  -
there should be a word for that - and usually always appreciate Hibby's
new music recommendations. However i'm not vibing so well on this stuff,
it all sounds a bit like advertorial support music, a bit soul-free. I
keep expecting an enthusiastic voiceover to kick in, promoting some
aspirational lifestyle product. It feels like it has been too explicitly
made to sell. I shall hope for better luck next random Monday :) 

> Post rock act Lights & Motion has been on the go for a wee whiley,
> previously named Aerials. 
> It sounds a bit like Sigur Ros * Explosions in the sky * M83 with a bit
> of Hans Zimmer, it's pretty great.

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